Abstract Watercolor with Flower Drawings

I hope you come paint with me!!

I am a native Texan born and raised in Dallas, now living in southern California.

I first started painting in watercolors on a hillside overlooking Lake Geneva while attending the American College of Switzerland.

Along the way, I taught a variety of art classes for ages 4 to 85. My first teaching experience was right out of college, teaching summer art camps at a Montessori school in Texas. Now I teach watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, and oil painting. What do you want to learn? Let me know.

I hope you will sign up to play in the water with me.

– Karen Elaine

Abstract Watercolor with Flower Drawings

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Abstract Watercolor Painting with Flowers Drawings

A Watercolor Mixed Media Project

Do you like abstract paintings?

Have you ever thought, I like this painting, but it needs something more?

Have you ever thought I want to draw on the picture but don’t want to mess it up?

I am going to teach you how to lose the fear of messing up a painting. I will help you learn an easy way to add flower drawings to your abstract watercolor paintings. 

I will provide a list of what you will need and a list of my favorite watercolor supplies. I will also provide black and white photos of flowers.

This is what you will need:


• 9” x 12” or larger white watercolor paper, construction paper, or tag board

• Watercolor paint 

• Black fine point and extra fine point permanent markers

• Round Brushes Size 4, 6 & 12

• Tracing paper or a light box

• Pencils and erasers